Six Highways
John's latest book: Six Highways to Home - A Cycling Journey from Whitehorse to Victoria is now available at independent book stores and online at for $20



Moss Rock Review, September, 2006. By Cassandra Hadley.

In our busy day - to - day lives we sometimes forget what a wonderful city we live in. Steeped in history and natural beauty Victoria has a lot to offer. Local author John Crouch has written two books exploring Victoria and the surrounding areas: Walk Victoria and Bike Victoria...

A brief glance at either book illustrates how the author has thought out these routes to give maximum pleasure to both walker and the cyclist. While Crouch does give approximate times for the duration of each walk, you can easily see that one could spend all day exploring any little corner of Vctoria. All the excursions in both Walk Victoria and Bike Victoria are remarkably well thought - out and presented.

Senior Living, September, 2006. By Vernice Shostal.

Published a little over three years ago, and already in its sixth printing, Walk Victoria covers more than 50 urban and suburban walks from half-hour strolls around Royal Roads University and its Hatley Castle, built in 1909, to a three-hour adventure through the forest of Thetis Lake Park...

In his second guidebook, Bike Victoria, Crouch takes cyclists through over 40 rides in and around the capital. He exposes some of the historic nooks and crannies in and around Fairfield, Oak Bay and the Uplands - once a 180-hectare farm owned by the Hudson's Bay Company...

"The beauty about walking or biking," says Crouch, " is that you choose your own time. There are no limitations."


Monday Magazine, July 1, 2006. By Alisa Gordaneer.

There's now one more reason to call Victoria the Cycling Capital of Canada with Bike Victoria: Your guide to over 40 rides in and around Victoria and beyond. Compiled by John Crouch, a local competitive cyclist and runner, this book is a comprehensive collection of tours, jaunts and cycling adventures, each carefully plotted out so that you'll spend minimum time getting lost and maximum time enjoying the ride...

"I wanted to make it user-friendly," says Crouch, and indeed he has, with easy-to spot checkpoints along each route to make sure you're going in the right direction, and plenty of information about the sites you'll see along the way...

Overall, it's a collection of rides that will certainly take you places you never knew you could go by bike. Or, as Crouch puts it, "I just want to encourage people to get out there and be active."

Times-Colonist, May 7, 2006. By Grania Litwin.

John Crouch isn't exactly over the hill, but he's 65 and some water has flowed under the bridge since he was a world champion duathlete. Still a keen cyclist, he has developed a passion for bike touring, coasting along green-fringed country lanes, pulling over for a sip of wine in a Cowichan vineyard, or dipping into a swimmable lake...

Crouch is so in touch with the softer side of riding now he has written a book called Bike Victoria...

Doug Gram at Fort Street Cycle is so impressed with the book he held a launch party. "It's a very useful book, showing so many different routes around town which are hard to explain. John has done a really good job."...

Crouch says his book is the first of its kind to concentrate on this area. "There have been others that covered the whole Island, but not in this detail locally."


Monday Magazine, July 2003. By John Threlfall.

Okay, I admit I was a bit skeptical when Walk Victoria, by local auther and hiking enthusiast John Crouch, landed on my desk - especially when I saw it was yet another walking guide that didn't include Fernwood. But having since put my jaded feet to the test by road - checking some of Crouch's recommended routes, I can honestly say this is a great book for anyone looking to discover this city sans wheels.

Victoria News, April, 2003. By David Lennam.

Walk Victoria is a call to arms (legs, actually) that is a necessary compendium to anyone who wants to casually explore foot - routes both well-known and, until now, secret. "I've always been asked, since I've lived in Victoria, by residents and visitors alike, where can you walk? I wanted to write something that would make Victoria, with all its nooks and crannies, accessible to people."

He's done it by caring for detail. Crouch researched and explored all the walks himself and has laid them out, complete with easy-to-follow maps and historical/geographical introductions in 138 softcover, hip pocket - sized pages.

Times-Colonist, April,2003. By Grania Litwin.

John Crouch has a passion for walking, which is rather surprising considering he won the World Endurance Duathlon Championship as a 60 year-old in Holland 18 months ago. He ran 15 kilometres, cycled 62, then ran another 7.5. The whole ordeal was completed in slightly more than 3 1/2 hours and then came back to Victoria and wrote a book about walking.

Isn't that a little pedestrian for a spirited world - class athlete?

"Not at all," explains Crouch. "Walking is wonderful exercise and low impact. You can get your heart rate up quite a lot depending how fast you walk, and it's good for the heart, lungs, muscles - and the soul."